Board of Adjustment


  • Sean Arnold
  • Mitch Czech (Planning Commission Member)
  • Marvin Neubert
  • Darrell Scott
  • One Vacant Seat for District 3

About the Board of Adjustment

A five member board appointed by the County Commissioners that have the exclusive power to order the issuance of variances to the land use Ordinances within the County. The Board of Adjustment also hears appeals of the zoning Administrator.

Board of Adjustment Vacancy

Benton County Board of Commissioners has one opening on the Board  of Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment shall consist of five members  representing each of the five commissioner districts. Each member is  appointed by the County Board. The members of the Board of Adjustment  shall be paid a per diem of $60 and their mileage in an amount to be  determined by separate action of the County Board. The Board will be  appointing a new member from District 3, Commissioner James McMahon District. 

If you are interested in the areas of planning and zoning and would like to serve on the Board of Adjustment, please send a letter of consideration, describing your  interest and background to:

Benton County Department of Development
Attn: Roxanne Achman
Government Center
531 Dewey Street
PO Box 129
Foley, MN 56329