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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to apply for a marriage license?
As long as you are getting married in Minnesota, you can apply for your license anywhere in the state. In Benton County, we require that both applicants come in to apply. If you have taken a 12 hour marriage course, you may qualify for the reduced rate if you present the proper form. The fee for a regular license is $115, reduced rate is $40. As it may take some time to complete the application, we ask that you come in no later than 4 PM. There is a five day waiting period, keeping in mind that we are not open on the weekends.

What do I have to do to get a birth certificate?
If you were born in Minnesota, you may go to any courthouse in the state and, upon completion of the application, you may get your birth certificate. You must have tangible interest and show a picture ID. The fee is $26.

What are recording fees?
The fee for recording for most documents is $46 with an additional $50 if accompanied by a well certificate. Some documents have different fees, such as a plat which is $56. Torrens documents may have additional fees. Please call office if in doubt.

Please note: Benton County does NOT accept credit cards for payment.

Do I have to come to office to register my notary signature?
Yes, if you live in Benton County, you must come to office to register your signature. You must bring the Notary Commission Card from the Secretary of State. The fee is $20. You must present a picture ID.