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2016 Construction Projects:



Updated 8-18-2016


CSAH3 "Up the Hill Project" Reconstruction Project (from 3rd Ave N to 400' E of Stearns Drive N)

  • Traffic is currently switched to the new westbound lanes between 3rd Ave N and Summit Ave N
  • Stages 1 and 2A have been completed; which included reconstructing the south half of CSAH 3 (2nd St N) between Summit Ave N and Stearns Dr N as well as the construction of temporary traffic cross-overs
  • Water and sanitary sewer work west of Summit Ave N has been completed
  • The west half of Stage 2B, 3rd Ave N to Summit Ave N, is nearly complete with bike path preparation nearing completion
  • Work along the north half of CSAH 3, between Summit Ave N and Stearns Dr N is moving forward. Watermain and sanitary sewer facility replacements along this portion of the project will continue for the next week, followed by base construction, curb and gutter, and bituminous paving
  • Currently, Stearns Dr is closed so vital watermain replacement work can be completed and new storm sewer infrastructure and roadbed material can be installed. Inclement weather slowed the progress of the work at Stearns Dr last week, so the closure of Stearns drive was extended one additional week through August 27th.
  • Work on the new sanitary lift station and retaining wall in front of the Sauk Rapids Government Center is underway. Completion of the new retaining wall will take approximately 3 weeks.
  • For information on the background and development of this project, please visit this link.

    CSAH 3 Improvement Project Development History


CR 58 Bituminous Reclamation (from CSAH 4 to CR 43)

  • Project is complete


CSAH 8 Reclamation Project (CR 47 to TH 23 – 0.9 miles)

  • Proposed work: reclaim existing bituminous surfacing, tolerance reclaim material, place new bituminous surfacing, place aggregate shouldering material.
  • Road will remain open to local and business traffic during construction. We ask that all other traffic find alternate routes.
  • Estimate Construction Start Date: Mid-Late August
  • Construction Time: 2-3 weeks dependent on weather


2016 Highway Safety Improvement Project (HSIP)

  • Purpose of project: install ground-in, wet-reflective striping to increase visibility for traveling public.
  • Project Location:
  • CSAH 3 from Mayhew Lake Rd NE to CSAH 4 (Popple Creek)
  • CSAH 4 from TH 10 to CR 78
  • CSAH 6 from South County Line to CSAH 4
  • CSAH 7 from CSAH 4 to TH 23
  • Estimated Construction Start Date: September - October


Bituminous Overlays

  • Purpose of project: bituminous overlays to prolong the life of the existing roadway surface and improve surface conditions.
  • Project Location:
  • CSAH 4 from TH 10 to CR 78
  • CSAH 6 from South County Line to CSAH 4
  • CSAH 7 from CSAH 4 to TH 23
  • Estimate Construction Start Date: August - September