Appeals Process

If after receiving your Notice of Valuation you disagree with or have questions about your estimated market value there are several ways to appeal your value:

  1. Collect any information you have to show why you believe your value or classification is incorrect (i.e. a recent appraisal of your property, recent sales of similar property, etc.).
  2. Contact the Assessor's Office, ask the assessor to review the information used to determine the value of your property and share any information that you have gathered.
  3. If your concern is not resolved set up an appointment with the Township or City Clerk to attend the Local Board of Review identified on your value notice. If you are unable to attend the meeting you may send someone to represent you or send a letter to the town clerk addressing your concerns.
  4. If you have remaining concerns after the Local Board of Review you may call the Auditor's Office for an appointment to address the County Board of Equalization. Again, a letter may represent your appeal. To attend the County Board of Review, you must first attend the Local Board of Review.
  5. If after all the local appeals your concerns are not resolved you may petition the Minnesota Tax Court. Tax petitions must be filed prior to April 30th of the year the taxes are payable.

Appeal information is also outlined on the back of your notice of valuation, along with information on how to contact the tax court.