How are providers paid?


Traditional providers receive a monthly minimum room and board payment set by the State. A Difficulty of Care (DOC) rating may be set based on the required level of care. The payment is usually a combination of the client's: 

  • Group Residential Housing (GRH) funds
  • Pension
  • Social Security Disability
  • Social Security income

Residents who have the financial resources to pay can negotiate a fee with the provider.


Corporate Providers may receive funding from a variety of sources. Services may be funded through Group Residential Housing (GRH) funding for basic room, board, and supervision with Difficulty of Care (DOC). In addition to GRH and Based on the individuals served and their needs, the county may wish to enter into a contract for additional support services for special populations. For Waivered Services Contracts having a corporate license does not guarantee that a provider will be contracted with by the County.

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