Becoming a Provider


Becoming a licensed day care provider involves several steps and filling out a number of forms. Initially, you must view the orientation modules for a day care license. The purpose of the orientation modules is to introduce you to the general Minnesota rules and policies which govern licensing.


You must view all 11 orientation modules by clicking the link below. After viewing all modules, complete the family child care acknowledgement form and return to Pam Foss. Once received, you will be contacted to set up a short meeting at our Foley office to go over the licensing application and other required forms.

Family Child Care Orientation Link (click here to view the 11 orientation modules)

Family Child Care Acknowledgment Form (PDF)

Licensing Rules

Day care licensing rules are defined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the state of Minnesota. For more information about the rules regarding day care, see the Day Care Rule, Chapter 9502 of Minnesota Statutes, Session Laws and Rules at The Office of the Revisor of Statutes website or retrieve the entire Human Services Licensing Act by  searching for chapter 245a. The purpose of these rules are to ensure that minimum levels of care and service are given and the protection, proper care, health, safety and development of the children are assured.

Legally Unlicensed Child Care

Legally Unlicensed Child Care: 

  • A person may provide care to any number of children related and/or provide care to children from one single unrelated family. Minnesota Statute 245A.03 Subd 1 requires licensure if the above exemptions are not met. Call for a licensing application. A person who has a license suspended, revoked or denied is prohibited from providing child care.

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