Becoming a Provider


Becoming a licensed day care provider involves several steps and filling out a number of forms. Initially, you must attend a day care orientation meeting for a day care license. The purpose of the orientation meeting is to introduce you to the general Minnesota rules and policies which govern licensing.

Please sign up for orientation by contacting Sarah Sherwood at 320-968-5111 or


Upcoming orientation dates:

  • November 29, 2022 (1:30 to 4 p.m.)

*Please register at least three days in advance so we can plan accordingly. If we do not have two or more families enrolled, orientation may be cancelled.


Orientation is held at Benton County Government Building, 531 Dewey St in Foley. The meetings are held in the County Board Room.


The food programs will have information available and Child Care Resource and Referral will be presenting information. Please do not bring children to this orientation. You will receive all the necessary paperwork at the Orientation meeting! There is a fee that you will need to pay to become a licensed provider in Benton County. The current fee is $50 for the first year and $100 for a two-year license, which you are eligible for after successfully completing your first year. This is subject to change!

Licensing Rules

Day care licensing rules are defined by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the state of Minnesota. For more information about the rules regarding day care, see the Day Care Rule, Chapter 9502 of Minnesota Statutes, Session Laws and Rules at The Office of the Revisor of Statutes website or retrieve the entire Human Services Licensing Act by  searching for chapter 245a. The purpose of these rules are to ensure that minimum levels of care and service are given and the protection, proper care, health, safety and development of the children are assured.

Legally Unlicensed Child Care

Legally Unlicensed Child Care: 

  • A person may provide care to any number of children related and/or provide care to children from one single unrelated family. Minnesota Statute 245A.03 Subd 1 requires licensure if the above exemptions are not met. Call for a licensing application. A person who has a license suspended, revoked or denied is prohibited from providing child care.

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