Aggregate Tax

Benton County Ordinance Number 448 imposes a production tax on the removal of aggregate from pits, quarries, or deposits located within the county. Aggregate reporting forms are due the 14th day following the last day of each calendar quarter. The report must be sent with a payment for the amount of tax due. 

Additional Information

Please contact the Benton County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office at (320)968-5006 with any questions.

Dates-2024FormDue Dates
January 1-March 31st1st Quarter ReportingApril 14, 2024
April 1-June 30th2nd Quarter ReportingJuly 14, 2024
July 1st-September 30th3rd Quarter ReportingOctober 14, 2024
October 1st-December 31st4th Quarter ReportingJanuary 14, 2025

Aggregate Tax Ordinance