Victim Services

Serving Victims of Crime

The Benton County Attorney's Office Victim / Witness Services Program was established in 1993 to provide support and information to all persons who have been victimized by a crime in Benton County.


Our mission is to promote equal access to the court system and to encourage full expression of victim's rights by providing sensitive support, objective information, direct assistance and appropriate service referral to primary and secondary victims of crime in Benton County.


If you are a crime victim, we can help you throughout your participation in the legal system. If you would like assistance, these are some of the areas where we can help.


For you and your family to appropriate professional agencies for further assistance.


  • About the criminal justice system and your role as a victim or witness to a crime.
  • About what is happening in the criminal case and the procedures that are followed.
  • About obtaining financial assistance for losses incurred because of a crime.


With intimidation or coercion by the defendant. Threats made by a defendant against potential witnesses are against the law!


If you need to be present in court.


With the courtroom before you are asked to testify.


In understanding your rights as a victim.


We will accompany you to court hearings. Download our Resource Directory (PDF).


Contact Amy Fussy at 320-968-5182 or via email.

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