Solid Waste Management

Amnesty Days 2024: June 15th and September 7th. Please call 320-968-5065 with any questions. 

Solid Waste in Benton County

Solid Waste is a broad definition identifying discarded waste materials. The State of Minnesota passed several laws in an effort to better manage solid waste; one of the laws provides counties the authority to manage their own waste.

Benton County has prepared a comprehensive solid waste management plan. The full plan can be found in the below “Solid Waste Documents."

Tri-County Solid Waste Commission 

The Tri- County Solid Waste Commission (the Commission) is a collaborative group of Stearns, Benton, and Sherburne counties engaged in fostering, developing, and maintaining community relationships to identify issues, facilitate waste reduction, and maximize landfill abatement solutions. The commission representation and leadership are provided by the Tri-County Solid Waste Commission Board, which comprises of four Stearns County Commissioners and two Commissioners each from Benton and Sherburne Counties. 

The Tri-County Solid Waste Commission is located at 3601 5th St S, Waite Park MN.

 More information regarding the Tri-County Solid Waste Commission can be found at:

Amnesty Days

Each year Benton County holds two collection events called “Amnesty Days,” in which Benton County contracts with a local hauler to enable county residents to dispose of problem materials, as well as recycle items such as metal, tires, electronics, appliances etcetera. These events allow for free or relatively low-cost disposal of problem items. Additionally, during the fall Amnesty Day event, residents may bring Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) such as paint, oil filters, and fluorescent bulbs.

S.C.O.R.E. Grant

The Select Committee on Recycling and the Environment (SCORE) grant is Minnesota State dollars allocated to Benton County for distribution to entities undertaking projects that support environmentally responsible waste management. Qualifying projects must support one of the following: (State Statute Section 115A.557 Subd. 2)

1) reduce the amount of solid waste generated;

2) recycle the maximum amount of solid waste technically feasible;

3) create and support markets for recycled products;

4) remove problem materials from the solid waste stream and develop proper disposal options for them;

5) inform and educate all sectors of the public about proper solid waste management procedures;

6) provide technical assistance to public and private entities to ensure proper solid waste management;

7) provide educational, technical and financial assistance for litter prevention;

8) process mixed municipal solid waste generated in the county at a resource recovery facility located in Minnesota;

9) compost source-separated compostable materials, including the provision of receptacles for residential composting;

10) prevent food waste or collect and transport food donated to humans or to be fed to animals; and

11) process source-separated compostable materials that are to be used to produce Class I or Class II compost as defined in MN Rules, part 7035.2836, after being processed in an anaerobic digester, but not to construct buildings or acquire equipment.

One of Benton County’s most effective waste abatement program is SCORE, Benton County utilizes SCORE funds to educate and support Benton County residents/businesses on proper waste management, subsidize local City and Township events, as well as Benton County’s Amnesty Day/Household Hazardous collection events. 

SCORE applications can be found below in the Solid Waste Documents section. 

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

 The Solid Waste Advisory Committee is a seven-member committee consisting of one citizen-at-large per commissioner district and two county commissioners. The committee reviews and makes a recommendation to the Benton County Board regarding SCORE Grant applications. Furthermore, the group provides recommendations on various solid waste related issues such as proposed regulation.

Agricultural Plastic Wrap Recycling 

Contact Gabbie Batzko for all AG plastic recycling questions at 320-257-8608.