Road Weight Restrictions

Benton County

Benton County’s 2024 Spring Road Weight Restrictions will go into effect starting Friday, March 1 at 12:01 a.m. These restrictions, which protect our roadways, will remain in effect until further notice.  Maximum allowable axle limits will be posted.  These posted limits restrict the maximum gross vehicle limits. No overweight permits will be issued to vehicles that exceed the posted limits. Any questions regarding specific route postings should be directed to the Public Works/Highway Department at 320-968-5051.


Current Benton County Road Restriction maps are available at the Public Works office located at 7752 Highway 25 NE Foley, MN.  A map with the posted axle weight limits can also be found below (or click here).


Minnesota Statute 169.87 establishes weight restrictions. The weight on any single axle shall not exceed 5 tons of any unpaved street or highway; or 10 tons on a paved street or highway unless posted otherwise between the dates set by the Commissioner of Transportation. Cooperation and compliance with the legal posted limits is needed to minimize unnecessary damage to our roads.  For more information regarding state-wide seasonal load limit restrictions, check the Minnesota Department of Transportation website: .   Restricted routes can be found at  .


Chris Byrd


County Engineer