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Child and Teen Checkup Information for families

Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) is Minnesota’s name for EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment), a federal program that provides well-child health care for children under the age of 21 enrolled in Medicaid.

Minnesota Department of Health - Child & Teen Checkups (C&TC)

Your health plan may offer incentives for bringing your child in for routine check ups. See the incentives tab below for links to your health plan’s incentives page to learn more. 

C&TC services are important because

  • Regular checkups help keep children healthy
  • Health problems can be found and treated early
  • Children can get tested for anemia and exposure to lead or tuberculosis and other diseases
  • Parents and children can get information about healthy lifestyles
  • Children and teens can get regular checkups at the dentist

Get regular dental checkups

  • Dental visits should begin at the eruption of the first tooth and no later than age 12 months
  • Regular dental visits should continue every six months or more often, if your dentist recommends

Where to Get Child & Teen Checkups

For More Information

  • Visit ECHO Minnesota to watch short videos about Child and Teen Checkups
  • Contact Benton County Child and Teen Checkups by
    phone at: 320-968-5331 or via email: publichealth@co.benton.mn.us
  1. Checkup Overview
  2. Recommended Checkups
  3. Insurance Incentives
  4. Immunization Schedules
  5. Family Resources

Checkup Overview

What to possibly expect at your child's checkup
  • Complete physical exam
  • Immunizations, when needed
  • Information about good physical health
  • Information about thoughts, feelings and relationships with others
  • Questions and answers about your child's growth and development
  • Hearing check
  • Vision check
  • Lab tests
  • Discussion about routine dental care
  1. 1 Month Visit
  2. 2 Month Visit
  3. 4 Month Visit
  4. 6 Month Visit
  5. 9 Month Visit
  6. 12 Month Visit
  7. 15 Month Visit
  8. 18 Month Visit
  9. 2 Year Visit
  10. 30 Month Visit
  11. 3 Year Visit
  12. 4 Year Visit
  13. 5 & 6 Year Visit
  14. 7 & 8 Year Visit
  15. 9 & 10 Year Visit
  16. 11-14 Year Visit
  17. 15-17 Year Visit
  18. 18-21 Year Visit

Hey, parents!

Now that your bundle of joy has arrived, it’s time to schedule your baby’s 1-month checkup with his/her doctor! Through Benton County’s Child and Teen Checkups program, this appointment is FREE to anyone on Medical Assistance.

Here’s a glimpse at what will be covered in your child’s 1-month checkup:

- A chance to ask your questions
- Reliable information about healthy food, sleep, behavior and safety
- A check on how your baby is growing, learning, developing, and feeling
- Time to talk about parenting
- Weight, length, head size
- Head-to-toe exam
- Immunizations, if needed
- Follow-up on newborn screening
- Hearing and vision checks
- Support with family needs:
     - Food, housing, utilities
     - Money or job resources 
     - Child care
     - Transportation
     - Help with safe relationships, mental
 or substance use

Find your local C&TC Coordinator and their contact information based on your county here.